SEAMAP Real-time Plots for the year 2018

A major function of the SEAMAP Information System is the processing of catch data from the Summer Shrimp/Groundfish Survey as near-real-time data. Historically, the SEAMAP Shrimp/Groundfish Survey is conducted during the June and July of each year. Objectives of the survey are to:

  1. monitor size and distribution of penaeid shrimp during or prior to migration of brown shrimp from bays to the open Gulf;
  2. aid in evaluating the "Texas Closure" management measure of the Gulf Council's Shrimp Fishery Management Plan; and
  3. provide information on shrimp and groundfish stocks across the northern Gulf of Mexico from inshore waters to 60 fm.

The overall sampling strategy of survey is to work from the eastern Gulf to the Texas/Mexico border, in order to sample during or prior to migration of brown shrimp from bays to the open Gulf area. During the survey, the NOAA Ship OREGON II, R/V TOMMY MUNRO, R/V ALABAMA DISCOVERY, and R/V PELICAN sample offshore and inshore Gulf waters with 40-ft trawls.

Plots of station locations and catch rates of penaeus shrimp and total catch are prepared and processed by GSMFC for weekly distribution to management agencies, fishermen, processors and researchers. This information is now available at this site.

Real-time mailings for the 2018 Summer Shrimp/Groundfish Survey will be produced this summer. If you would like to receive the weekly mailings, please contact Jeff Rester at or (228) 875-5912.

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