SEAMAP Real-time Plots for the year 2014

Week 3

Below is the third preliminary data summary for the 2014 SEAMAP Summer Shrimp/Groundfish Survey in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This week's summary includes sampling from June 21 - July 1 by the NOAA Vessel Oregon II, the Florida vessel Tommy Munro, and Texas vessels. Catch data from the Oregon II and Tommy Munro were taken with a 40-ft trawl while the Texas vessels used a 20-ft trawl.

Plotted catch rates have been converted to pounds per hour for a 40-ft trawl (20-ft trawl x 2). Shrimp counts are heads-on. The squares on the charts are 10-minute grids. The number in each grid square is the average catch or count from all stations (may be one or more stations) that were sampled within a particular grid. The sampling stations were located randomly by depth zone.

The catch data indicated that the highest catch rate of brown shrimp was 22.9 lb/hr in 17 fm at 28° 46' N. lat. and 92° 42' W. long. The highest catch rate of white shrimp was 22.9 lb/hr in 7 fm at 29° 22' N. lat. and 93° 55' W. long. The highest catch rate of pink shrimp was 32.0 lb/hr in 11 fm at 29° 25' N. lat. and 84° 58' W. long. The maximum total catch rate excluding the three shrimp species was 1,316 lb/hr in 13 fm at 26° 01' N. lat. and 82° 22' W. long.

Week 3 Results

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