Sport Fish Restoration Program

Number Title
0.0151 Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration: A Report on Wallop-Breaux Successes and Opportunities
0.0149 A Strategy to Develop a Pilot State/Federal Cooperative Marine Recreational Fishery Statistics Program for the Southeastern United States
0.0139 A Strategic Plan for Restoration and Management of Gulf of Mexico Anadromous Fisheries
0.0137 Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey Intercept Survey Standards for Quality Control
0.0135 Guidelines for Monitoring Striped Bass Eggs, Larvae, Juveniles and Adults in Coastal Programs
0.0132 Anadromous Fish Restoration Programs in the Gulf of Mexico
0.0123 Location and Identification of Thermal Refuges for Striped Bass on the Apalachicola River, Florida
0.0121 Constituency Awareness and Understanding of the National Recreational Fisheries Policy
0.0115 A Profile of State and Federal Marine Recreational Fisheries Programs of the Gulf of Mexico
0.0114 A Profile of State and Federal Sampling Programs for Eggs, Larvae, and Juveniles of Striped Bass

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