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296 Guidelines for Marine Artificial Reef Materials - Third Edition
The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive discussion regarding a variety of materials that have been used in the development of marine and estuarine artificial reefs in the United States. This document is a guideline only, and is not, by its nature, regulatory.
158 Proceedings from the Atlantic Billfish Research Program Symposium - Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission's Spring Meeting, Galveston, Texas, March 11, 2008
121 Guidelines for Marine Artificial Reef Materials, Second Edition
38 Guidelines for Marine Artificial Reef Materials
0.0223 Coastal Artificial Reef Planning Guide
0.0221 A Cooperative Data Program for Recreational Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico
0.0190 Gulf Sturgeon Recovery/Management Plan
0.0182 The Commercial Fisheries Information Network (ComFIN). A Whitepaper Discussion Regarding the Need for Planning and Coordination of the Collection and Management of Commercial Fishery Statistics
0.0173 A Profile of Artificial Reef Development in the Gulf of Mexico
0.0160 Marine Recreational Fishery Data Collection and Management Programs in the Gulf of Mexico Region: Identification and Resolution of Issues

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