Emergency Disaster Recovery Program II

The second Emergency Disaster Recovery Program (EDRP II) came in 2007 to aid in stabilization of coastal economies that were closely tied to and dependent on the marine fisheries industry. Its objective was to establish programs of individual financial assistance to qualified fishermen, industry, and related businesses; effectively enhancing the economy while ensuring the stabilization of historic marine fisheries cultures of the Gulf Coast region. Funds made available through EDRP II were used provide additional financial assistance to those fishermen who were compliant with TED and other By-catch reduction devices, for economic assistance to qualified fishermen, marine related businesses and industries impacted by the disasters, and to enhance seafood testing and domestic seafood marketing capabilities at the State level.

The EDRP II supplemental grant was completed in 2013 with a total of nearly $85 million having been appropriated and utilized in this recovery effort.

Category Funded Amount*
Assistance for TED BRD Compliance $1,784,756.49
Assistance to Fishermen $49,970,339.92
Assistance to Business and Industry $24,703,720.27
Domestic product Marketing $1,926,046.78
Seafood Testing $6,064,000.82

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