Emergency Disaster Recovery Program I

The 2006 Emergency Disaster Recovery Program (EDRP I) was the result of a fisheries disaster resource recovery funding opportunity made available to the Gulf States in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in 2005. It was the first of two programs approved by Congress to provide direct and immediate financial assistance through NOAA and GSMFC to the state marine fishery agencies as they sought to rehabilitate critical marine fishery resources that were displaced or destroyed by the effects of the storms. Funds made available through EDRP I were used for oyster restoration, finfish and shellfish habitat restoration, and cooperative research aimed at re-establishing inshore baseline fisheries data, comprehensive damage assessment and restoration planning.

The EDRP I supplemental grant was completed in 2013 with a total of nearly $127 million having been appropriated and utilized in this recovery effort.

Category Funded Amount*
Oyster Restoration Program $50,074,120.00
Habitat Restoration Program $29,662,045.00
Cooperative Research $47,035,987.00

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